About Me

Born and raised in Lancaster, PA (1992) my inspiration arises from simply living life and being a woman of color. I've used my art to express my thoughts and feelings around self-identity, being black is a big part of that because the world never forgets to remind me. My art comes from a combination of my love for nature, vibrant color, texture and the female form. It's a reflection of myself while connecting the viewer to my perspective of the world.

Art has been something I have been drawn to for as long as I can remember. From my first art class in kindergarten, to still creating every chance i get today. I have nothing but love for my craft; I constantly aim to master as many forms and mediums of art as possible. It's all about growth and i love to challenge myself with each new piece. I mainly work with acrylics, but do experiment with watercolor, ink & pastel and mixed media and I've tried oils a few times. I'm also starting to take my work to a larger scale creating murals.

I'm truly blessed to have so much support from people not only from home but around the world. Keep growing and creating.

Peace & Love,


**If you are interested in a custom commission piece by me, just simply click the 'Contact" tab, to send me an email and let me know what i can create for you!**